Cutback finishing drill

A ball. A field with a goal. A training partner or a way to rebound the ball to yourself

Suggested mostly for Attacking midfielders like the number 10 and 8. It is also a very good drill for Strikers and even the number 6 – defensive midfielder

As a number 10 or number 8, one the deadliest weapons you have is to arrive late in the box, on backline crosses. This is because the striker’s and other attackers’ job is to arrive at the front and back post, which is dragging the defense back, therefore often creating some space between the penalty spot and the edge of the box. If you are able to time your run, and put the ball in the net from here as a midfielder, then you’re going to score goals, and help your team a lot more offensively.

The art of this finish is being able to hit a ball with precision that is moving towards you. The key is to controllingly and calmly place the ball, either at the far post or near post and also past the defenders in front of you. 

The way to train this on your own is to set up a way to rebound the ball, so that you get the ball back as if you’re receiving a cutback. Check out our guide how to solo rebound the ball or watch how it’s done in the video above.

If you are lucky enough to have a coach and parent or someone to just pass you the ball in this position, then that’s also a possible solution to use.

And If you have a training partner (preferably a winger or full-back) that wants to work on their ability to do a cutback, and make the play happen, then you are going to extend and combine the drill with the Cut-back crossing drill. Of course this is the most realistic version of the drill, but not a drill that you’re able to do totally individually. It’s our recommendation to do the drill this way if you’re able to, if not then you’re completely fine doing the other variations.

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