A ball, a field and some cones or objects to use as cones.

Full-backs and wingers, also attackers and offensive midfielders.

The cut-back is a often used and a very dangerous type of attack in games. Often coming from the full backs or wingers. Some of the ways it is created, is from a through ball, an overlap or by beating the opposition full back directly and taking the ball to the goal line. Then of course the cut-back is a cut back into the box, aiming for a midfielder or attacker arriving late in the box. It’s always by the ground.

In the video you are able to see how it’s trained both on your own, and with a partner. Preferably we want to do it with a training partner. Because then you can pair the drill with the: Cut-back finishing drill. If you’re not able to then you’re completely fine by doing the solo version. When you’re on your own, the thing you are doing different is just hitting some sort of static target, not too big, and optimally something where it won’t go through, so you don’t have to pick up the ball every time. 


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