A field, a ball and some cones or cone like objects.

All defenders, and also very useful for midfielders – especially more defensive oriented ones.

This interception drill is a drill that practices how to handle a through ball in a 1v1 defending situation. It’s hard to practice this alone, but we’ve come up with a way where you can still practice most of the elements in this situation. Most of the focus and empathy is on the deceleration and balance part of it, and then how to handle the ball after you intercept it.

The goal is to get you as comfortable as possible in these defending situations, both physically and technically. So when it’s a real game, you have no problem handling a through ball, which the opposing attacker is receiving.

To do the drill you are going to put up the cones so they make a little rounded line, about 5 – 10 meters long. From here play the ball on one side and run around on the other side (The rounded side). You have to meet the ball as fast as you can. Try to time the pass so you can meet the ball at the end of the cones. Now you take a very controlled touch to get away from the cones. (Simulating an interception)

If you then want to work on for example passing out of the the the pressured circumstances, or just passing in general, then set up a from of target you are able to aim for, like shown in the video.

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