Important to note on all training: Start the programs slow and maybe with less volume, especially if you are lacking prior training and exposure to similar forms of training. And listen to your body, the most important thing is to not be extra fatigued on potential game days or become injured. Try learning to manage your workload and be wise with it. If you have picked out one of the programs, you could start by just doing 1 session the first couple of weeks, then after maybe 4 weeks you are now ready to perform 2 sessions per week, and potentially at some point you are strong and capable enough to do 3 sessions the same week. If you as an example are working on 2 of the programs at the same time, but the programs target two different areas of training, then it’s more possible to do more sessions per week, because it’s not directly impacting each other.

Most of the programs can be combined together, although we recommend not doing the General Performance Program combined with others, because in most cases it going to be too much volume, as it is already working on all aspects. Choose what suits your goals and optimises your game. Non of our training requires a gym or any profound equipment.

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