Minimum requirements:

A ball, a field and some cones or small objects similar to cones. and a way to rebound the ball

Recommended positions:

All positions.


The weak foot program consists of 10 steps, each step being a little more difficult than the one before. it’s designed to be like a ladder you have to climb each time performing this program. Because at all 10 steps, there is a standard/goal to reach before we allow you to move on to the next step. 

So everytime single time you go out, and want to practice this program, you start at step 1 and complete all steps, up until either the last step or to the  point where you are not able to go further, because the standard/goal is too hard to reach.

If that’s the case, a step or level being too hard to complete, then keep your focus on that specific step. But at the same time don’t get too stuck at a level. Try again in your next individual training, and start again at step 1, climbing the ladder up to the level you were stuck at last time, to see if it’s beatable this time. Its Very important to be patient in this program.

We like to consider your weak foot no longer being weak (about 80% of your strong foot), when you’re able to go out and complete all 10 steps in a relatively quick manner. Then you have completed the program. But it’s still going to be a very useful program to do once in a while, to get even better, and to keep stimulating your weaker foot.

Step 1 – Juggling

Step 2 – dribbling

Step 3 – touch/turns

Step 4 – flat passing

Step 5 – Control from air

Step 6 – ping dead ball

Step 7 – ping moving ball

Step 8 – finishing at ground

Step 9 – finishing advanced

Step 10 – volley

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